How to burn calories fast on a treadmill running on the treadmill

You can do cardiovascular exercise indoors so you have no excuse when it comes to bad weather. Followthese tips on how to burn calories fast on a treadmill to maximize your time and lose those extra pounds faster one. Warm up first it’s always a good idea to do at least a five minute. Warm-up before hopping on the treadmill or any gym equipment for that matter. Do two or three rounds of lunges and knee raises to stretch your leg muscles and prepare them without warming up and priming your muscles. Your body may end up more sore and achy four days after your workout to schedule a one-hour. Treadmill workout five times a week for faster results, an hour of running on a treadmill can burn 540 calories.

Three progressively increase your pace start by briskly walking for about three minutes. Then after every five minutes increase your speed until you’re running at a speed of five to eight miles per hour. This increase of intensity pushes the body to continue burning more calories for trying varying intensity workout. A 30-minute run consisting of a one minute cycle involving various intensities can boost your calorie laws and save your time. This one minute cycle should consist of 30 seconds jogging followed by 20 seconds of running at an average speed then finally a 10 second sprint this way your heartbeat speeds up and slows down during each cycle.

Thereby preventing your body from adjusting to the activity in doing, so you burn more calories than you would doing a single intensity workout. Five raising the incline on a treadmill forces you to exert more effort and burn more calories start out briskly walking on an incline of one. Then for the next 15 minutes alternately increase your speed and incline every minute or sell very speed between three and six miles per hour and the incline between one and seven this way your body has to adjust to every inclined and speed change. Which helps maximize the calories you burn for the last five minutes of your session when down the workout to walking at about three miles per hour to give your body time to cool down.

If you prefer a low-impact workout that doesn’t put pressure on your joints a combination of jogging and power walking on the treadmill might be best for you after warming up with a five minute walk at four miles per hour 45 minutes then alternate with five minutes of jogging at five miles per hour. Repeat the cycle of power walking and jogging three to four more times than cool down for five minutes by walking at 3 miles per hour because the number of calories you burn on the treadmill depends on the length of the workout in the intensity of the exercises committing to a regular schedule and a set amount of time is key to successful weight loss sticking to

This guide about how to burn calories fast on a best treadmills that is a good start to meeting your fitness goals.

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