How to Give Your Partner a Good Foot Massage

Some rub down strategies are as thorough as a foot massage. Certainly, a head massage will give the best results with as little massage time as can be. A back massage, in contrast, will be quite scrupulous and will offer enduring benefits. A hand massage will be the most expedient, of course, a massage strategy you can use at any time, even to and by yourself.

But a foot massage?

Regrettably! A foot massage is definite to stimulate – or revive – your spouse’s sensual aspect. The foot, after all, is a general erogenous area. One is similar ever with those times of ardent union. Amaze your spouse with a refreshing, relaxing and sensually stimulating foot massage by following the basic advice included below:

  1. Ask your companion to lie down on her back, if possible. If not, she may be able to sit down simply. Ask her to turn her knee. Grab hold of her foot. Rotate the foot slowly and softly to stimulate the ankle. Do this on the other foot too. Each foot should be afforded about 2 minutes of such movement.
  2. Hold her foot up using a single hand. With the palm of your other hand, give force on her heel heading near her toes. With your extra fingers, apply force on the sole of her foot. Repeat this practice for at least 3 minutes.
  3. With her foot caught up with one hand, turn over your other hand into a fist. Turn the sole of her base by your hand, as if your hand was a single, huge massage ball.
  4. Cling to her foot with the use of both hands. Your thumbs should be sustaining the upper part of her foot while the rest of your fingers should be sustaining the sole. Do globular movements using your thumbs to stimulate the top portion. Then make globular movements with the use of your fingers to stimulate the sole. Then make globular movements on both portions at the same time. This should last for at least 3 minutes.
  5. Clutch her foot with the use of both hands. This time, your thumbs should be sustaining her sole. Apply force on the sole of her foot, beginning from the center slowly going towards to the outside. Do this for about 2 minutes. If your other half is tickling – a difficulty for every person giving a foot massage – keep in mind to give more weight with your rubs. This could eliminate the {feeling|sensation) of the feather touch.

These are a just glimpse of massage, but both of you can use foot massager and get relaxed. You will find the best way if you do it regularly. Hope this helps.


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