LED Projectables Solar System Night Light

The LED Projectables Solar System Night Light model number 11282 is an elegant night light that project the image of the solar system on the ceiling. It has a sensitive light that can turn on at dusk and off at dawn. It is very cool to touch and the LED is lasts for a lifetime which is why there is no need to replace any bulb. This solar system projector has dual purposes. It offers a dim lighting on the ceiling while it provides awe and entertainment to the people who can witness the solar system. The major feature of this night lamp is its ability to project an image of a solar system of approximately 3 ft on a ceiling that ranges from 8 to 12 ft high. The LED itself has a very long life expectancy and is even considered to virtually last forever. You don’t need to bother flipping the switch for this one since it automatically turn on at dusk and turns off at dawn. In a way, it is energy efficient since it does not consume that much electricity knowing that the light was not intended to be superbly bright. The furniture also has a cool touch to the hands and more importantly, it entertains and makes people stare up with awe and amazement.


LED Projectables Solar System Night Light Review:

The customers who took some time to review this solar system projector gave it an average rating of 4 stars. A lot of them liked the fact the it gives off an elegant projection of the solar system. It has a profound effect for people who are quite curious with astronomy or at least trigger your excitement for such field. There are also others who were not that amazed by it.

One mom bought this recently and her 2 ½ year old son lay down on just stared at the ceiling as if hypnotized. He’s been fighting nap time for quite some time now but at the same time remained behaved can’t stop being overwhelmed by this wonderful science. Another mom bought this and placed it in her daughter’s room. She love the part that it is user friendly and that it doesn’t get hot even if used for a long time already. It is also easy for her to rotate it and the light sensing is awesome since she doesn’t have to bother turning it on and off. It does that by itself automatically. One dad was initially disappointed at the quality of the image it projected but as he observed how his kids enjoyed this toy, he now loves it! His kids loved playing with it, covering it with their hands and other cloths.

On the other hand, one mom was wishing that it would have more rotating capability. It actually only rotates back and forth. She also had some trouble with the fact that it has to be plugged directly to the socket. It doesn’t have a cord or anything but what they took out a power cord and attached it to the device. She also explained that the image doesn’t move and that shows more of a cartoon image of the planets rather than the scientific and realistic ones.

We recommend this LED light for parents. It would be ideal to be place in the rooms of their children. It still serves as an educational tool and aside from that, it becomes energy efficient since you need to put out all the other lights just to see the image on this one.

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