Rite Lite 5-LED Puck Light 3 Pack

The Rite Lite 5-LED Puck Light 3 Pack by Lancer & Loader is a set of 3 puck lights with five LEDs that are super bright. The light head may be positioned depending on where you need the light to be, as it can pivot up to 30 degrees and swivel up to 360 degrees. The set comes with a stick and loop tape as well as a hard-mount option. This ease of adjustment and installation will definitely make these lights a good choice for your versatile lighting needs. The lights also come in three settings: off, on, and dim just like the curtain lights. The LED bulbs are estimated to work up to 100,000 hours. It runs on three AAA batteries which are not included but are obviously very easy to find and replace.

Rite Lite 5-LED Puck Light 3 Pack Review:

This LED light received an average rating of 3.6 stars fro the close to two hundred customers who wrote their thoughts about it.

One of the reviewers commended these for being excellent cordless LED lights. He felt that it was a good choice for installing in places where a powered light fixture could not be installed, as well as for emergency situations, such as during power failures and for use in the car. He commended the light for being evenly distributed on the front cover instead of appearing as five separate light dots. He also felt that the battery life was definitely superior to that of halogen bulbs. Another buyer was a guy who apparently underwent frequent power failures caused by bad weather; he described these lights as great and making his son feel secure in the event of a power failure. He added that the lights had been very useful during such power outages, and that he continued to stock up on more of these, as he felt that they were well worth the price. Other reviewers commended both the lights as well as the mounting mechanism, and the simplicity of its design, as it made for a very easy emergency light option.

One of the buyers commented that he was not too happy with the bluish tinge produced by LED lights, but he admitted that it was not the fault of this product, but rather a personal reaction to LED lights in general. For this reason, he would not recommend these lights for mood lighting under cabinets or in bookshelves. Still, he conceded that the product was well-constructed, with both options for mounting working well, and for being very easy to use and very handy. Another reviewer who gave it a 3.0-star rating complained about one of the lights falling off from where they were stuck, on the same wall at that. Another buyer complained about the brightness being a bit dimmer than he expected, which was probably a defective unit.

From these findings, we would be very pleased to recommend these LED lights for you, not just for lighting up dark spaces but also to serve the dual purpose of an emergency light source during power failures.

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