RiteLite Wireless 12-LED Under Cabinet Light

The RiteLite Wireless 12-LED Under Cabinet Light by Lancer & Loader is the best choice for dark cabinets or other areas in the home, workshop, or office. It features 12 white LEDs designed to be super bright and estimated to last as long as 100,000 hours. There are four independent light heads, and each head comes with 3 LEDs. The light heads are multi-directional, swiveling and pivoting to allow you to direct the light exactly where you need it. Its three settings, on, off, and dim, give you what you need in terms of versatility. The lights run on 3 AAA batteries, which are not included, assuring you of easy installation with no wiring required; this also means that you can actually use these lights in case of a power failure. The light comes with tape that is stick and loop, along with a hard mount bracket that slides off with ease for easy replacement of the battery. This light is designed for indoor use only.

RiteLite Wireless 12-LED Under Cabinet Light Review:

There were close to eighty customers who gave their feedback on this LED light, and the average rating was at 3.5 stars.

One of the reviewers who appreciated this LED light commended it for being portable and for running on batteries, which made it usable during power failures. He also appreciated the multi-directional function of the lights, as it allowed him to direct the light wherever he needed it. He also confirmed that it was a good value for the price he paid, adding that the light it gave off was just right, and obviously not as bright as a halogen light. Another buyer shared how she bought a few of these lights for their closets, under the counter, and in their storage shed, for their cabin that did not have electricity. A few reviewers also confirmed installation to be easy, with one of them adding that even after 60 hours of use, the lights were still going very bright.

Meanwhile, one of the customers who were not too happy with it complained about the light strip continually falling off. She reportedly used the Velcro strips with adhesive attached to them, but she wound up removing it as it kept falling off. Interestingly, she did not give any complaint about the light itself, but the bad execution was enough to result in a 2.0-star rating. Another reviewer who commended the brightness of the lights for use under his cabinet complained about the poor installation. He also complained about the bad packaging. It seemed that most of the complaints for this light had to do with issues on mounting, which may actually be easily fixed by screwing the lights on instead of sticking them on.

From these findings, we believe this would be a good LED light to use for those hard to reach areas, and its doubling as a power-failure light option gives you an even greater value.

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